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Our vegan nail repair & strength is our nail hardener and a must have for healthy and strong looking nails. The 87% natural formula with kaolin not only gives your nails a glossy finish but also helps your nails look & feel stronger with a beautiful healthy glow. The rich texture of our nail repair & strength fills any ridges and uneven surfaces which makes this the perfect base coat to wear on its own for a more polished natural manicure OR for before you apply a color nail polish if your nails are feeling fragile and brittle. Either way you will love your new strong and healthier looking nails with our nail repair and strength.


The nail repair and strength is your must have product if you are experiencing dry and brittle nails which break and crack easily. The rich and slightly milky texture will fill any cracks or ridges in the nail structure, giving a smooth and even nail surface for a healthy and strong look and feel. The nail repair & strength can be used on its own for a polished natural manicure look with and elegant shine but can also be used as a base coat for a smooth and even surface before a color nail polish if your nails are feeling particularly brittle and cracked (it will take slightly longer to dry than the normal base coat). One coat of our nail repair and strength will suffice however more coats is fine but then the color will be more opaque and less natural.

Why we love our Repair & Strength with Kaolin

  • Made with 100% plant derived solvents (free of petrochemical solvents)
  • Made with 87% natural ingredients
  • Glossy finish – Fills cracks & ridges
  • Conceals imperfections
  • Forms a hard sealing & protective layer
  • Vegan certified by “The Vegan Society”

What is the difference to our base coat?

The main difference is the consistency and the ingredient kaolin. The nail repair and strength is formulated to give a hard sealing and protective layer so the it is thicker than our base coat. The kaolin gives this product a milky texture which helps “blur” any imperfections and gives your nails a natural & healthy look. The nail repair & strength also will take slightly longer to dry than our base coat. Our base coat is thinner and clear (or transparent) in color. It dries super quick (30-60 seconds) and is specifically formulated for the nail polish to adhere better on it and is perfect as a base coat but not necessarily recommended to be used on its own.

How to use

Our nail repair & strength (also known as a nail hardener) is a nitrocellulose & solvent based product (so yes it also will smell like nail polish) and thus is applied similarly like a nail polish or top & base coat. We recommend applying one coat or two very thin coats evenly on your nail bed until your nails have a natural and smooth look and any imperfections are concealed. We don’t recommend applying two coats because then it will give a more opaque finish and the nails will look more white than natural. If you have particularly brittle nails then we also recommend to use this as a base coat before your color nail polish. With one coat it takes around 2-5 minutes until it is dry.



About Kia-Charlotta

Up to 87% natural

We have done our best to create the a nail polish that is as natural as possible and our nail polishes are up to 87% natural (depending on the pigments used) and we don’t include many ingredients commonly used in nail polishes.


All Kia-Charlotta products are vegan meaning we do not include any animal derived ingredients in our products. Vegan nail polish does not contain any carmine, which is used as a red pigment and is derived from cochineal bugs, or guanine, which is derived from fish scales and is used in glitter and metallic shades. 

Kia-Charlotta is a vegan beauty company and we are proudly registered by “PETA” & “The Vegan Society”


Whilst a nail polish can never be 100% natural, recyclable and/or biodegradable, we have done our best to create the most eco-friendly version of a nail polish that we could. Not only are the solvents in our nail polish shades 100% derived from plants (instead of petrochemically derived) but we also do not contain any styrene/acrylates copolymer (often referred to as a liquid microplastic) which you will find in almost all other nail polishes whether conventional or more natural. Additionally, we have made the conscious choice to use 5ml bottles so that we can minimize any unnecessary nail polish waste. Finally, we do not use any plastic in our secondary or delivery packaging and only use FSC certified and/or recycled paper.

We believe that when it comes to nail polish, Kia-Charlotta nail polishes are pretty much on of the most eco-friendly options you can find.

Premium Quality

At Kia-Charlotta our mission is to create 100% vegan make-up and nail polish products in premium quality meaning we do not compromise and try to find the perfect balance between quality and safe/natural as well as vegan ingredients. Although we stay away from the most harmful ingredients and animal derived ingredients, we promise there is no compromise when it comes to quality. Our nail polish last in average between 4-7 days and they have a beautiful opaque glossy finish.

Additional information


Microplastic free


PETA-Approved Vegan



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vegan nail repair and strenght

Repair & Strength with Kaolin


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