We support the earth in creating products that contribute to a higher good. To elevate consciousness through asana using the wisdom of creative, intentionally designed artwork. To support you on your journey to a higher consciousness.

OHMat is a human brand built on the fundamentals of kindness and love in all that we do. That is why we encourage meaningful change and inspire others to do the same. We lead with purpose in our heart, each product and design has been carefully considered in a conscious way to harness our own personal values and how we show up to this world.

Spirituality is the foundation that led us to create OHMat. We believe spirituality is our greatest teacher guiding us towards self-evaluation and trusting the process of transformation. Through spiritual practices, we live with purpose creating meaningful connections in our lives and supporting our return to the mat.

Founder and Creative Director, Debbie Jongejan was born and raised in the Netherlands. She travelled the world at the early age of 19 to the far east to find the purpose of her life. Therefore Debbie continues this path now as a mother and wife, whilst continuously creating for OHMat & building an eco yoga farm called Moonlife Retreat on 17ha virgin land in Portugal.

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