Mas Newen

We believe in pure beauty, the power of nature & the force of living cultures!

We are probiotic

Nurture your skin microbiome with our fermented hair and skin care. Our fermented soap is plantbased, priobiotic and as pure as it gets. It revitalizes and protects your hair and it rejuvenates your skin.

It’s brim-full of nutrients, essential-oils and enzymes. That’s right, our body care is alive!

We are sustainable

Pure products belong in sustainable packaging. That’s why our soap comes in a 100% recycled plastic bottle.

And yes, it’s microbeads and cruelty-free also.

Together with the Kodkod Foundation we want to regenerate the ancient Chilean forest through the use of native plants.

We want to improve the soil and biodiversity on degraded lands, while boosting local farmer incomes and providing a high-quality supply of plant oils for our products.

  • MAS NEWEN Rice Bran Conditioner & Mask

    If chemicals were good for you, scientists would wear bathing suits instead of lab coats and head shields. Nature knows better.  Mas Newen.

    That’s why they borrowed her 7 best ingredients for their Mas Newen conditioner.

    Oil obtained from the Indian laurel leaf revitalizes your scalp, while taming dry and fizzy hair. Tons of vitamins urge deep into the skin. They use rice bran for more volume and enzymes for more life. Also perfect for not so happy scalps. Everyone’s type.

  • MAS NEWEN Indian Laurel Leaf Handwash

    Our probiotic Indian Laurel Leaf Handwash is a powerful but gentle cleanser that nourishes your skin´s natural microbiome. For all skin types.

  • MAS NEWEN Lemongrass Shampoo

    If nature wanted us to use chemicals, she wouldn’t have given us a scalp that absorbs much of what you put on it. Mother nature cares. Mas Newen.

    Our shampoo is a mix of the 7 best extracts she offers. The wild crafted soap nut leaves your hair thick and bouncy. Pure lemongrass strengthens follicles and treats oily hair. Indian laurel leaf keeps the scalp healthy. Enzymes activate each component. That’s right, it’s alive.

    Our body care is fermented and all natural. The colors may differ and some bottles may contain sediment.

  • MAS NEWEN Cinnamon Bodywash

    If mother nature wanted us to use chemicals, she wouldn’t have given us a skin that absorbs 70% of what is applied to it. That’s why we keep her close. Mas Newen.

    Our body wash is a blend of the 8 best ingredients we could find. The wild crafted soap nut soothes dry and itchy skin. Extracts from the healing cinnamomum tree bark uplift your skin, and make it beam like Scotty. Enzymes keep the components active. Yup, it’s alive.