Green Up The City

We are a plant brand driven by design. With the mission to make organic urban gardening so easy that anyone can do it. And to improve the living environment in homes by offering eco-friendly grown houseplants.

Green Up The City only supplies healthy, organically grown plants that are free of fertilizers and chemical pesticides. The plants come directly from the grower. As a customer, you therefore contribute to better (urban) biodiversity and keep insects alive!

A garden plant is always organic, right? No! In fact, most garden plants are not. Only plants with the European quality mark, a green flag with white stars, can be called organic. It seems that we are becoming more and more aware of the usefulness of poison-free plants. Garden plants treated with poison and fertilizer are still widely sold. Unfortunately but true. The chemical process often starts with the seed. You don’t have to eat them, so is it that important? Yes! Because chemistry can be deadly to insects, and they are crucial for life on Earth.

People are living more and more consciously

Conscious living increases the demand for organic plants. You can’t just call a plant organic. The word ‘organic’ is protected by European law. In the Netherlands, SKAL is the organization that ensures that the quality mark is only used by parties that adhere to the rules. That is why companies with this certification are engaged in pure nature. There are several nurseries, mostly the smaller ones that focus on the consumer, that do grow according to the rules but still do not register with SKAL. Often because of the relatively high costs and red tape involved. Until now, organic garden plants are still scarce. On the regular market, such as in garden centers and supermarkets, the range is still very limited, mostly to herbs.

Pure nature
SKAL organic garden plants work with everything that nature provides. Thefore the nursery is set up in such a way that the food offers shelter to natural enemies of harmful insects. Only natural fertilizers are used, and seed is GMO-free. The plants are in the ground, have a strong root system because they have enough time and space to develop. Compare it with seasonal vegetables at the organic supermarket. They are only offered when they are ‘ripe’.

Green Up The City only sells organic garden plants.

We care for plants, planet & you 😉