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New Habitz - Eco friendly marketplace - let nature be your home.

The inspiration behind New Habitz started in the heart of our founder as a slow burn in the heart of a child. She was playing pretend with a friend – the classic, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

And Romelia said, “an environmental foundation.” Even as a kid she wanted to help protect animals and the environment.

The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

What Romélia didn’t know then was how her first little interest in creating an environmental foundation was setting herself up for a lifelong interest in nutritional health, organic food, non-toxic skin care, and sustainable living.

It turns out that she has created a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Because as time passed, the urge to find safe, sustainable products grew stronger. Romélia  started researching all of the ingredients and reading every label before purchasing. She found herself enjoying a healthy lifestyle. But she also found herself getting more and more frustrated.

She recognized that we have access to basically everything 24/7, and she asked herself, “how come it is such a struggle to find truly sustainable products? This should be the other way around. Sustainable shopping should be effortless. We shouldn’t have to worry about buying a toxic and harmful or non-ethical product.”

And then the world was changed when a deadly virus rampaged through our global community. As the fog cleared, the world started to see through the heartbreak, the difficult decisions – the anger and fear and frustration – and we realized that this is our chance.

If we want to make a sustainable change for ourselves and the environment, we need to take matters into our own hands.

And that’s where the childhood dream met the sustainable products research and the dedication to healthy living. She realized – it’s time for our community to grow some New Habitz.

New Habitz: A Sustainable and Purpose-Driven Marketplace

New Habitz is a place where you can shop freely, trusting the ethos and the commitment of the product brands around you. Where you can learn to take up a new healthy habit, or bring attention to an old habit you’ve laid down. Where you can find community members and a support system that can truly have an impact on the way we operate day to day throughout our society.

Our purpose: a mindful community

New Habitz exists to connect people to nature by supporting sustainable and purpose-driven game changers to grow their business. We are cultivating a community of beautiful, ethical brands that are focused on bringing more sustainable care to our planet. These brands have sustainability in their DNA.

The brands on New Habitz offer eco-friendly products that facilitate inspiration. They have joined our purpose to help people live the green and mindful lifestyle they dream about.

New Habitz mission: to revolutionize global sustainability

We are starting small, here in the Benelux area, but our mission is to revolutionize ethical and sustainable living globally.

We are on a mission to create the largest marketplace for conscious shopping.

Because we believe that you should be able to easily access a multitude of safe products from businesses that you can trust, wherever you are in the world. You should be able to shop based on your ethos and feel supported while you create the healthy lifestyle you aspire to.

Our vision: let nature be your home

We intend to drive a new era of ethical, sustainable, and mindful living.

We are inspired by nature and we know through observing our planet that all healing starts from within.

As we grow, New Habitz will be a positive ripple throughout the world. Our dedication is upholding beauty, sharing truth, and facitiling true soul connection between people that share love for our living in harmony with our natural world.

We Are Here to Welcome You Home

To us, home is feeling that you are where you belong. Where you feel comfortable and supported by like-minded people.

It means feeling serene and grounded in a place you can trust to bare your soul.

We are here to support your journey, to help you find the place you fit in this world. To bring hope to our planet while we’re bringing beauty and self care to your daily life. 

You deserve to walk into your home after a long day, smell your organic essential oils and touch the soft, handmade organic tapestry that hangs above your ethically sourced down pillows, and instantly feel calm contentment well up inside of you.

This is New Habitz.

Welcome home.

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