What is New Habitz?

We are the green marketplace of the new world.

Here to support your sustainable journey. To help you find the place you fit in this world. To bring hope to our planet while we’re bringing clean beauty, healthy self care, and new habits to your daily life.

We are advocates of holistic sustainable living.

New Habitz is defining what it means to build a sustainable future for our planet. When it comes to making choices about our business and the products on the market place, our guiding stars are vegan + ethically sourced and manufactured + chemical free + mindful + zero waste. Since we believe these are the holistic cornerstones of building biodiversity and a truly sustainable community.

We are here to welcome you home

Because you deserve to walk into your home after a long day, smell your organic essential oils and touch the soft, handmade organic tapestry that hangs above your ethically sourced down pillows, and instantly feel calm contentment well up inside of you.

The New Habitz Purpose: A Mindful Community with Sustainable Goals

Our goal is to create sustainable paths for our society, and to start creating long term habits that will serve for the future.

We build sustainable new habits together with our mindful community each week on social media.

Our eco-friendly marketplace is filled with brands run by like-minded entrepreneurs. They are each dedicated to bringing more sustainable care to our planet. In other words, these brands have sustainability in their DNA.

The brands on New Habitz offer eco-friendly products that facilitate inspiration. They have joined our purpose to help people live the green and mindful lifestyle they dream about.


Why are we so focused on holistic?

Because building a truly sustainable future means understanding the interconnectedness of all life on our planet. Everything we rely on for survival is part of a cycle. We need to think in holistic solutions for improving the health of the planet.

We believe that since we are all part of the cycle, we all have the opportunity to be part of the solution.

Giving Back

Another part of the way we want to be proactive in our sustainability efforts is by working with 1% for the Planet! Through the organization, we pledge to give at least one percent of our sales to grassroots environmental organizations.

How New Habitz Works

The New Habitz eco-friendly marketplace allows you to shop all of our brands in a single platform, with one shipping cost.

Your order is sent directly to the brands you order from. The brand will individually fulfill your order. So, for example, if you order from three different brands, you’ll receive three packages for the price of one shipping cost!

We don’t have huge warehouses of products like other marketplace sites. Warehouses create, as a result, waste within a brand’s supply chain. Through extra shipping, additional inventory, storage and electricity costs, etc.

To solve the warehouse issue, we created proprietary software to connect the available products from our brands to offer what you see on the marketplace. For instance, the product listings are updated every day, so that you always see the most relevant product information available.

How we vet our sustainable brands

Every brand that you see on the marketplace is completely hand-vetted. We have a relationship with all of the brand owners or representatives and we ensure that they practice sustainability in all aspects of their business.

The products we feature must therefore, among other things, be ethically sourced, vegan, cruelty free, and free from toxic substances.  We also strive for, as much as possible, organic certifications.

Organic cotton

Meet the New Habitz Founder


Romélia, the founder and CEO of New Habitz

With Romélia her dedication to nutritional health, organic food, non-toxic skin care and, in other words, a holistic sustainable lifestyle, building a platform with a purpose has been a lifelong dream.

If we want to make a sustainable change for ourselves and the environment, we need to take matters into our own hands.

Creating new healthy habits together

Her vision starts with helping people create new habits (which is how we got our namesake). Because each new, healthy habit that we create for ourselves is like a little seed that can grow into something we share with our community. And communities can make huge impacts!

Let Nature Be Your Home

Find products you can trust for your sustainable lifestyle!